Detroit Edison Bus Riser

The General Electric Busway plant in Selmer, Tennessee has created a custom solution to fit a need in the Detroit market. In 1991, the Selmer plant was granted approval to produce a custom busway “tap box” that met the engineered requirements for landing phases from a Detroit Edison overhead service. This allows power to be brought in at various ampacities to be distributed throughout commercial buildings.

The Problem

When an existing building is purchased or a customer decides to relocate to a new facility, electrical needs often change or need to be updated to meet todays’ standards. The following factors all contribute to needing to upgrade an existing electrical service or service entrance equipment:

  • Increase or decrease in service ampacity
  • Change in single phase to three phase, or three phase to single phase
  • Complete service entrance conductor or riser replacement
  • Meter enclosure replacement
  • Relocation of service entrance equipment
  • Refastening a service drop that has been pulled of the building

In addition to this, various height requirements must be met as to not interfere in vehicular traffic including parking lots and delivery areas. Walls breaks can vary in thickness, floors can be un-level, space can be limited along the wall, or clearance issues can exist overhead.

Our Custom Solution

Utilizing various equipment and components manufactured by the General Electric Company, the team at Great Lakes Essential Power can design the exact solution to meet the power requirements needed for your new facility or upgrade of your existing. The Detroit Edison Bus-head made by GE is built to the exact specifications and bolt pattern required, so local approval is never an issue! One of the pictured examples is a Nema 3R outdoor enclosure, 120/240 3p4w delta hi-leg, 2000A with apx 15ft overhead clearance. The other example is Nema 1 construction, 480/277V at 2000A with Main Breaker, Ground Fault and Utility compartment with 18ft clearance. Whatever the application, we can design a solution to fit your specific need!!!

Project Type

Detroit Edison Bus Riser

Project Location

City: Detroit/Metro Detroit Areas
State: Michigan

Products Used

  • GE Spectra Switchboard
  • Spectra Series Power Panel
  • A-Series Lighting Panels
  • Dry Type Transformer
  • Spectra Series Busway – feeder bus
  • Custom Detroit Edison Bus-head made by GE