Quicken Loans Data Center

The state-of-the-art Tier III Quicken Loans Technology Center is a 66,000 square foot data center and office complex, featuring two 10,000 square foot server rooms built out for Quicken Loans and Rock Ventures family of companies. The other half of the building is made available for a future data center. It is a technological and architectural masterpiece in Detroit’s Corktown District.

The Problem

  • Data centers require immense amounts of electrical power to operate daily, especially for a data center of this size. Downtime is not an option for a data center, so the backbone of the data center is a reliable electrical system with a robust sequence of operations.
  • Quicken Loans had a desire to make this data center a showpiece for all Data Centers in the region. Where most data centers prefer to stay obscure and out of the public eye, Quicken Loans wanted to make a statement for the Detroit community as well as to potential Co-location clients.

Our Custom Solution

  • The Sequence of Operations of any data center can make or break its uptime performance. Even the smartest equipment is useless if an up-front, bullet-proof plan for the sequence is in place. The construction team relied heavily on GE and GLEP’s expertise to craft the full sequence for the project. It was then up to the GE team to implement this amongst the equipment.
  • Large Data Centers require fully redundant and automated electrical distribution systems. GE’s industry-exclusive Entellisys Low Voltage Switchgear was the perfect fit for a robust and transparent system with its redundant CPU-based technology. GE was able to fully scale and automate the substation control, while giving Quicken Loans the ability to see the health and status of their system in real-time.
  • Quicken Loans’ quest to make an attractive data center trickled all the way down to the electrical gear. Most electrical distribution equipment is standard ANSI grey. Quicken Loans didn’t want standard grey. They wanted each piece of equipment to be color-coded in blue and white for their team to quickly know which side the power was derived from. GE did not run from this requirement and Quicken Loans now has beautiful Blue and White switchgear to showcase!
  • Quicken Loans also demands the highest degree of monitoring throughout their data center and office space. It is critical for their facility team to know what is going on within their electrical system at all times, both in real-time and in historical format. The GE Envisage Power Monitoring system is a custom-made solution that dives into the entire electrical system and keeps Quicken on top of every facet of their electrical equipment.

Project Type

Data Center

Project Location

City: Detroit
State: Michigan

Products Used

  • Park Metal MV LIS
  • GE VPI Dry Type Substation Transformers
  • GE Entellisys LV Switchgear
  • GE Switchboards
  • GE Zenith Automatic Transfer Switches
  • GE A-Series Lighting Panels
  • GE Safety Switches
  • GE Dry-Type Transformers
  • GE Surge Protective Devices
  • GE Busway
  • GE Lighting Contactors
  • GE Envisage Power Monitoring System

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