Tremec decided to open a North American Manufacturing plant in Wixom in 2017, and the winning electrical contractor trusted the Great Lakes Essential Power team to provide the solution. Tremec is a market leader in transmission technology, addressing key market needs for automation, emission control, fuel efficiency, torque capacity, and refinement.

The Problem

The Original RFQ for this project began as a complete design assist. Many variables were unknown at the beginning, from transformer size to bus ampacity to location and footprint of the outdoor equipment. Through multiple rounds of calculations and design changes, the teams involved settled on an accurate, reliable solution to the customers’ needs--all while working to maintain an aesthetically pleasing look to the front of the building.

Our Custom Solution

Working closely with the Electrical Contractor, the Great Lakes Essential Power team provided the outdoor and indoor equipment for this project. The outdoor substation consisted of a 15KV Detroit Edison metering compartment, 15KV Switch, and a custom bus transition section to the High Voltage side of a 3750KVA Prolec liquid substation transformer. The low voltage side of the transformer was close coupled to the first of its kind, a 5000A GE Evolution Style Switchboard utilizing copper bus throughout this 4 section Nema 3R lineup. This is where the project became unique! Tremec wanted the 480/277V 5000A equipment to be turned around so the back of this particular piece of equipment faced the parking spaces, thus utilizing the surrounding area to provide ornate landscaping. In addition to this, the equipment could now safely be accessed from an unobstructed area while maximizing parking in the front of the building! Inside the building you will find multiple switchboards, 300ft of busway and various bus plugs, dry type transformers, and dozens of bolt on lighting panels. A complete solution upstream to downstream.

Project Type

Commercial Construction

Project Location

City: Wixom
State: Michigan

Products Used

  • Continental Electric 15KV Medium Voltage Switches/DTE Compartment
  • GE Evolutions 5000A Switchboard
  • 3750KVA Prolec Substation liquid filled transformer
  • Spectra Series 1600A plug in busway
  • 30A, 60A, 100A, 200A, and 400A fusible busway plugs
  • Spectra Series Power Panel
  • A-Series Lighting Panels
  • Safety Switches
  • Dry Type Transformers

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