The General Electric EntellEon Low Voltage Power Panel

EntellEon Low Voltage Power Panel

A More Versatile Alternative to Traditional Power Panels
Simple. Responsive. Revolutionary.

The new EntellEon Low Voltage Power Panel from GE offers innovative features to support the performance of the next industrial era.

EntellEon Low Voltage Power Panel Specifications:

  • Meets NEC Article 408; UL 67; UL 50; UL 943; UL 489; IBC; NEMA PB1 Panelboards
  • Maximum Voltage 600VAC, 1P3W, 3P3W/4W 
  • Fully Rated 200kAIC/240V, 100kAIC/480V
  • Mains 150A-1200A MCB (SK, SG, horizontal mounted SE)
  • Maximum Amperage 1200A


Order and install, quickly and easily.

  • Single catalog number for all circuit breaker kits
  • Pro-Stock available up to 1200A
  • Plug-in bus connection

The power panel, simplified. Start by ordering everything—from exterior panel to individual screws—using a single catalog number. Then use the empower configurator to assemble the bus and circuit breakers. Get up and running with ease with the simplified features of EntellEon.


Built for convenience inside and out.

  • Top and bottom reversible feed in field
  • Mix and match modularity
  • Increased access to gutter space

The power panel that works for you with the responsive, modular design of EntellEon. Choose from a variety of sub-assemblies based on need, and save time and labor with single-person maintenance. From the streamlined exterior construction to the simplified interior configuration, EntellEon is truly built for convenience.


Do everything right from the field.

  • Bus stack plugs into interior to allow changes in the field 
  • Single-person installation saves time, costs and labor
  • Ergonomic packaging designed to protect equipment and ease installation time

It’s power that innovates with the revolutionary features of EntellEon. Its sub-assembly construction allows for easy stocking, and its versatility means adaptability to future field modifications – saving time and labor. Due to its mix and match modularity, non-similar circuit breakers can be installed across from each other. From assembly to powering up, EntellEon is designed for flexibility in the field.

EntellEon Low Voltage Power PanelFeatures and Benefits:

  • Pro-Stock ready for easier stocking
  • One catalog number for all circuit breaker kits
  • Reversible top and bottom feed
  • Reduced labor and assembly time
  • Modular package design fits through standard door and protects equipment
  • Available in 3 width and 4 height configurations
  • Hinged wire gutter doors come standard
  • Copper 150-1200 amp main bus
  • 200% rated neutrals available
  • Horizontal or vertical mounted main circuit breaker options
  • SK, SG, SF, SE, FB 2-pole and FB 1-pole circuit breakers available